Bluetooth Mirror

A Bluetooth Mirror is a 3-in-one device that functions as a rear view mirror, a digital display, and a hands-free gadget that connects to your phone wirelessly. It is installed over the rear view mirror of your car and uses bluetooth technology to communicate with mobile phones and other bluetooth enabled devices. This allows you to use your phone wirelessly and safely inside your car.

Bluetooth mirrors are rapidly gaining popularity as laws against cell phone use in the car becoming stricter. The cost of a single ticket for driving while operating a cell phone would justify the price of buying a bluetooth rearview mirror. Many hands free options exist and will allow you to be legal but they are not as safe as a having the controls on a bluetooth enabled rearview mirror which allows you to maintain your focus on driving.

Bluetooth mirros have been recognized as the most unique and potentially useful gadget. The integration of bluetooth into a rearview mirror gives an exceptional function that allows you to use your phone more comfortably while driving.

How A Bluetooth Mirror Works

Once the car is started, the bluetooth rear view mirror should automatically connect to your phone within a 10-metre range. Although some bluetooth mirrors would let you press a button or move the switch before it works, most often it would give you an automatic option. The screen/display will then light up as well as the LED indicator and you will hear a start-up tone. In a short while, you will see in your screen that your bluetooth mirror is connected to your phone.

A bluetooth rearview mirror allows you to answer your call through its built-in loudspeaker and external microphone without the need to hold the phone or take your hands off the steering wheel. You can chose to answer, hang up, redial, make calls, and adjust the volume of the built in loudspeaker regardless of where your phone is in your car. There is no need to get your phone from your pocket or purse. This maintains your focus on driving while you're on a call.  Don't let traffic tickets for non-handsfree use of a phone raise your rates.  Get several car insurance quotes from several vendors if you suspect this has happened to you.

A Bluetooth mirror can support voice dialing enabling you to call your friends without the need to touch the phone. A microphone with visor captures your voice and a speaker on the back of the mirror allows you to hear the caller. It also has an echo cancellation feature and an option to use the headset.

Most bluetooth rearview mirrors offer the caller I.D. feature which allows you to see the caller's information at the center of the mirror itself. Sometimes, they come with parking sensors. The mirror displays the information from the sensors and gives warning beeps when backing up. Some may even have the capacity to receive radio channels. In car entertainment and navigation has evolved significantly over the last ten years. Convergence with in-car technology means that the automobile DVD player, stereo system, navigation, and phone can easily be interlinked through Bluetooth.

Bluetooth mirrors work well with any bluetooth enabled phone and with all mobile networks. It's usually powered by a 12-volt cigarette power adapter and some may have a built-in battery that allows 200 hours of standby or 10 hours of talk time between recharges. It usually comes with a bluetooth electronic control unit, display with buttons, radio mute, microphone, headset, and power supply cable. Make sure to keep your mirror powered off when not in use to ensure your auto battery does not lose its charge.

Drive safely with your bluetooth rearview mirror.

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